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 Master of Magdalen Legend (a1490 - a1526) 
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Artists who influenced Master of Magdalen Legend
South Netherlandish painter. This name was given by Friedländer on the basis of two panels from a dismembered polyptych of the Legend of St Mary Magdalene (c1515–20): St Mary Magdalene Hunting (ex-Kaiser-Friedrich Mus., Berlin, destr. 1940–45; see Friedländer, 1975, pl. 7) and the Sermon of St Mary Magdalene in the Johnson Collection (Philadelphia, PA, Mus. F.A.). Maquet-Tombu ‘reconstructed’ the ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Master of Magdalen Legend

Rogier van der Weyden

Saint Mary Magdalene Preaching
(Philadelphia Museum of Art)

Philip the Handsome

Bernaert van Orley
Virgin and Child with Apple

Virgin and Child

Jean Bellegambe
Jan Sanders van Hemessen