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  Philippe de Loutherbourg (1740 - 1812) 
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Artists who influenced Philippe de Loutherbourg
Alsatian painter, illustrator and stage designer, active in France and England. Loutherbourg’s father, Philipp Jakob (1698–1768), was an engraver and miniature painter to the court of Darmstadt. In 1755 he took his family to Paris, where Loutherbourg became a pupil of Carle Vanloo; he also attended Jean-Georges Wille’s engraving academy in the Quai des Augustins and Francesco Casanova’s studio. Wi ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Philippe de Loutherbourg

Joseph Vernet

Battle of Camperdown
(Tate Gallery)

Warley Camp, Mock Attack
(Royal Collection)

Joseph Mallord William Turner

Carle Vanloo

Destruction of Pharaoh's Army
(Art Institute of Chicago)

(Yale Center for British Art)

George Morland

Nicolaes Berchem

Landscape with Cattle and Peasants
(Yale Center for British Art)

Saul and Witch of Endor

John Martin

Philips Wouwerman

Cavalry Battle

Men on Horseback by River
(Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco)

Thomas Birch