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  Arthur Devis (1712 - 1787) 
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Artists who influenced Arthur Devis
Arthur Devis was an English portrait painter, particularly known for the type of portrait now called a conversation piece. Arthur Devis was born in Preston, Lancashire, the eldest son of Anthony Devis. His father, who was a member of the Town Council as well as a carpenter and a bookseller, may have been responsible for introducing Devis to the Flemish painter Peter Tillemans who became his teache ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Arthur Devis

Giovanni Paolo Panini

John Bacon Family
(Yale Center for British Art)

Robert Gwillym of Atherton and Family
(Yale Center for British Art)

Thomas Gainsborough

Charles Philips

Children in Interior
(Yale Center for British Art)

John Orde and Family
(Yale Center for British Art)

Johann Zoffany

Marco Ricci

Richard Moretan with Nephew and Niece
(Clark Art Institute)

James Family
(Tate Gallery)

Arthur William Devis

Peter Tillemans

Richard Bull and Mary Bennett
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Swaine Family
(Yale Center for British Art)