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  Allan Ramsay (1713 - 1784) 
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Artists who influenced Allan Ramsay
Allan Ramsay was a Scottish portrait-painter. Allan Ramsay was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, the eldest son of Allan Ramsay, poet and author of The Gentle Shepherd. From the age of twenty he studied in London under the Swedish painter Hans Hysing, and at the St. Martin's Lane Academy; leaving in 1736 for Rome and Naples, where he worked for three years under Francesco Solimena and Imperiali, On ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Allan Ramsay

Pompeo Batoni

Lady in Pink Dress
(Yale Center for British Art)

George III
(Royal Collection)

Thomas Gainsborough

Jean-Marc Nattier

Queen Charlotte
(Royal Collection)

Elizabeth Cunyngham
(Scottish National Gallery)

Joshua Reynolds

Charles-Joseph Natoire

George Augustus of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
(Royal Collection)

William-Peer Williams
(Courtauld Gallery)

Charles Willson Peale

Thomas Hudson

Prince William
(Royal Collection)

Jane Douglas as Shepherdess

Francis Cotes