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  Francis Hayman (1708 - 1776) 
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Artists who influenced Francis Hayman
English painter and illustrator. He was in London at the age of 10, and from 1718 until c 1725 he was apprenticed to Robert Brown (d1753), a decorative painter. From 1732 Hayman was employed as a scene painter at Goodman’s Fields Theatre, where he painted allegorical works such as The King Attended by Peace, with Liberty and Justice Trampling on Tyranny and Oppression on the pit ceiling (destr.). ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Francis Hayman

William Hogarth

George Rogers with Wife and Sister
(Yale Center for British Art)

(Tate Gallery)

Thomas Gainsborough

Thomas Hudson

Sliding on Ice
(Victoria and Albert Museum)

Jonathan Tyers and Family
(National Portrait Gallery)

Benjamin West


Sculptor and Family
(Victoria and Albert Museum)

David Garrick and Hannah Pritchard in Suspicious Husband
(Yale Center for British Art)

Nathaniel Dance
Wrestling Scene, As You Like It, I-2
(Tate Gallery)

Finding of Moses
(Foundling Museum)

John Inigo Richards