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  Pieter van Bloemen (1657 - 1720) 
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Artists who influenced Pieter van Bloemen
His production of paintings was prolific; most are landscapes with figures and animals, caravan scenes with camps and resting travellers and animals, military and genre scenes and horse markets. He was at his best painting animals, which he also provided for works by other artists. His period in Italy was the most successful of his career, and his work continued to bear traces of its influence to ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Pieter van Bloemen

Claude Lorrain

Mules Halting by Wayside
(Fitzwilliam Museum)

Herd of Horses
(Vatican Pinacoteca)

Jan Frans van Bloemen

Johannes Glauber

Livestock Market
(Crocker Art Museum)

Roman Landscape with Horsemen and Bathers

Jacob de Heusch
Battle with Herdsmen, Horses and Sheep

Southern Landsacape with Riders Watering Horses

Franz Werner Tamm